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Category: Personal

I was adopted

I was adopted. Way back in 1943. A war baby. And I’ve never had the slightest doubt that it was the best thing in the world that could have happened […]


The overcast crept in unnoticed and unworthy of note. It meant nothing, less than nothing. Like the distant rumbles that accompanied it, it was only a tease. It’s happened so […]

Officially unaffiliated

It’s official; I’m no longer a registered Democrat. Nor did I have any desire to return to the Republican fold where I spent most of my life (until GWB was […]

Independent bleats

Today I dropped in the mail a form changing my political affiliation from Democrat to Independent (“Unaffiliated” in Colorado). Not that I’m fed up with the Dems, although I am. […]

Overcoming procrastination

One small step this morning. Picked a name from the phone book and made an appointment with a nearby CPA to do my taxes. Nothing has changed since last year […]