Election 2016

Guess who?

From the Dallas Morning News. Clinton and Bush word clouds also available. Original numbers from Quinnipiac survey of 1,500 people. Simplified breakdown on Business Insider.

Popcorn politics

This eye-popping, mind-numbing interactive graphic is from Real Clear Politics and depicts the chaos that has been the race for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination. On the RCP site, the vertical bar with the candidates’ names can be moved back and… Read More ›

Under the Big Top

I was going to say “Look, someone finally captured my thinking on all the GOP candidates,” but then I realized Pataki isn’t included. Sheesh, even the cartoonists can’t keep up. And I think someone else may be missing. Kasich? Anyway, why… Read More ›

I don’t believe you, Hillary

I watched Hillary Clinton’s press conference today about her email. I’m not at all impressed that it took her eight — eight! — days to start answering questions about it. Eight days to come up with the explanation that she simply opted for convenience…. Read More ›

Bye, Mitt

So Mitt Romney announced this afternoon that he won’t run for president next year after all. I’m torn between heaving a sigh of relief — because we’ve been there, done that, twice already — and thinking there’s still plenty of… Read More ›