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Melting Pot strawberry

How to do Black Friday

I don’t have anything to say, really. But I’m tired of looking at that turkey photo on the front page. As noted previously, my son and his family went skiing […]

Landon Donovan a movie star look-alike?

Every time I see U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan, I’m reminded of someone else. But who? Then this morning, watching his World Cup goal against Slovenia, it hit me. He […]

Not my call, but …

I watched some World Cup soccer Saturday, and was delighted to see the U.S. play to a 1-1 tie with England. But I may not watch much more. It’s the […]

World Cup, the real super bowl

It’s likely I’ve forgotten, but I don’t recall the last World Cup generating as much interest in the United States as this one is getting. The advertising is everywhere, and […]