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Not my call, but …

I watched some World Cup soccer Saturday, and was delighted to see the U.S. play to a 1-1 tie with England. But I may not watch much more.

It’s the vuvuzelas, the horns the fans blow — constantly. The sound is much like a huge, angry swarm of bees, or at least what I imagine such a swarm would sound like. I realize the vuvuzelas are a traditional celebratory thing in South Africa, and it’s their World Cup. The South Africans seem to love them, but I’ve got to say, as a TV viewer, they are annoying as hell.

Headlines say the horns won’t be banned. Okay, fine. It’s not my call. But I do know similar horns were banned at University of Oklahoma football games years ago. And they weren’t nearly as common as the vuvuzelas seem to be. I can’t imagine having someone behind me blowing one of those things right in my ear for an entire game. I think I’d be tempted to take it away from him and wrap it around his neck.

Maybe vuvuzelas are an acquired taste — like loud music at a rock concert. And who knows, maybe South Africans think our rock concerts are just noise. I just know I wouldn’t want a stadium full of soccer hooligans to be armed with those things.


    • Hey, thanks for the info. I don’t know if I’ve got the right equipment to do this myself, but I understand the broadcast networks are thinking of doing it for us. I hope!

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