How to do Black Friday

9 thoughts on “How to do Black Friday”

  1. Oh so much better that how the lunatics (and those who feed on them) spent their Friday! Is there anything better than watching kids play? And I’ll bet they really got a kick out of the fondue too!

    I’d been planing to do a rant on the weird mash-up of religion and economics (and politics lately) that the holiday season has become. But, as you can see, I decided against my “The Power Of PRICE Compels You!” post and decided to get a space-heady instead.

    And speaking of “space-heady,” I’ll bet that not-so-Obama, not-so-Palin conversation was interesting! 😀

    1. More interesting than you might imagine. We had nothing good to say about anyone. When I said I was so disgusted, I might not even vote, the DIL piped up with, “I’ll give you $20 not to vote for Obama.” And later, another $20 not to put any Obama stickers on my car (as if I’d sully my new car with a bumper sticker). Kidding of course … I think …

      1. Well old Newt Gingrich has certainly raised a lot of money, but then bedding down with Satan doesn’t strike me as your kind of thing! 🙄

  2. My political thinking so far is Huntsman, Obama, Romney, in that order. Weird, huh? Huntsman, according to the polls, has about as much chance for the nomination as Daffy Duck. But then, given the quality of the debates, if Daffy entered, who knows? Hahahahahahahaha.

    😆 🙄

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