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Category: 9/11

I will not live in fear

Tuesday the Huffington Post ran a story in which Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was warning against the “very real” threat of another terrorist attack. Great. What did he expect me […]

Marc Sasseville

American kamikazes were airborne on 9/11

Despite my formerly announced intent to avoid all the 9/11 coverage, with the weekend upon us, it’s becoming difficult. I thought I’d heard all the 9/11 stories, but this one […]

WTC Memorial, Aug 29, 2002

My politically incorrect stance on 9/11

The TV promos have started. The special programs have started. The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is almost here and it’s clear we are going to be swamped with special observances, […]

Attacking America

In today’s Washington Post, Ted Koppell writes convincingly that it’s time we stop playing into bin Laden’s hands. We have, in so many ways, exceeded what would have been an […]

9/11 happened to all of us

As we pause to remember how our lives were changed 9 years ago, let’s remember that all of us were attacked — not just those who died in New York, […]

Those who ignore history …

There’s been lots of talk the last few weeks about the US military presence in Afghanistan. Frankly, I haven’t paid much attention. History tells us no outside power has succeeded […]