Remembering 9/11

WTC Memorial, Aug 29, 2002

WTC Tribute in Light, Aug 29, 2002

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  1. There are just no words… I understand why you decided against the reblog PT but, since it says exactly what I’m feeling, I reblogged it for both of us… For everyone who feels as we do…

    • Thank you. Once the reblog was posted, I realized I didn’t want to say even that much. I’m wondering now, for how many more years are we going to have public observances and memorial services on 9/11? I thought last year, the 10-year anniversary, was more than sufficient and should have been the end of it.

      • You’re right PT. In a sane world, 10 years would have been more than enough. Unfortunately, the world we actually live in is filled with opportunists looking to get their faces on TV, opportunists eager to grant that “face time” to them in order to sell us a bunch of crap, and legions of “sheeple” too naive to recognize when their innocent sentiments are being used to lure them into the machine…

        • I was just thinking the same thing. It’s no longer about mourning. It’s about exploiting the event to make a buck or make some political hay.

        • after reading all the thoughts, on this and the other post you wrote
          I can’t really add….I agree with you and others here
          I wrote for the first time about it, not sure why, the words came at about 1am this morning
          so I posted it….

          your statement above says it all…sad how tragedies turn so much profit…

          Take Care…

        • Welcome, Ladyblue. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. I enjoyed your poem. I think words that come unbidden like that are often the most heartfelt and honest.

        • You are very Welcome
          I liked what I felt on your pages..
          I will be back….
          Thank you again
          Take Care

  2. Wow, PT. I came back to grab your link for a post I’m working on and had to jump through all sorts of “bad site” warning hurdles from my browsers built-in security routines just to get here! 😯

    • Uh oh. I haven’t done anything different that I know of. I don’t know what would have caused that. Has it happened today when you went to other sites?

      • I tried logging out and coming back as a visitor. No warnings with either Chrome or Firefox. But I’m on a Mac. Beats me what’s going on.

      • Well I didn’t have a problem this time, but I think I had to ad an “exception” somewhere that I’m unable to find again right now (I’d revert back just to try again if I knew how!). This is the only place I’ve had a problem, though I haven’t really done that much on the web today. It does occur to me that the problem could be related to the title of this post. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if someone put up a “bait” site somewhere, with “9/11” in the title, hoping to infect a bunch of people. It could be that your title is similar to one like that, or that the security software is just being hyper-vigilant…


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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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