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Category: language

Here it is: Banished word list for 2015

Every year Lake Superior State University, after accepting nominations all year, publishes its official list of banished words for the upcoming year. The banished words for 2015, with some of […]

Campaign insults from red to blue

As a helpless victim in a purple swing state during the 2014 political campaign, I suffered through a months-long waterboarding with the most vile, ugly, vicious political ads I can […]

Throwing shade

It’s akin to the earth shifting beneath my feet, this constant change in the English language. It’s as though I built my editorial house on sand. Of course language evolves. […]

When smart quotes aren’t

It’s a term that begs to be used: apostrophe catastrophe. And it has become so cliché that I won’t use it here. There are already dozens of articles and at least […]

Coke commercial causes controversy

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl ad has caused quite an uproar on Twitter and Facebook. It seems a lot of people think the song “America the Beautiful” should be sung in […]

Words, suffixes officially banished for 2014

It’s here! The Lake Superior State University 2014 List of Banished Words. Selfie was recognized as the winning word, receiving the most nominations during the year. After that, the order of […]

Freaking out over ‘giffing out’

Massive amounts of Christmas advertising have always annoyed me. I’ve been a grinch for decades and freely admit it, and being assaulted by so much Christmas “joy” every time I […]