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Category: language

What your dialect says about you

The New York Times today features a test that will show what your dialect says about where you’re from. Or perhaps where you’ve previously lived. Both the questions and the associated […]

Enough about Phil Robertson

I‘m still scratching my head over the ongoing Phil Robertson uproar. The star of TV’s “Duck Dynasty” made some blunt, tasteless, ignorant remarks about gays several days ago. And the […]

Commas save lives

I have a huge problem during the Christmas shopping season. I tend to buy too much. Not for others, but for myself. Once the sales begin and the purse strings […]

Brinkmanship or brinksmanship?

I heard it on TV again this morning. Someone said “brinkmanship.” In the same conversation, I also heard “brinksmanship.” That’s been the case for a month or so whenever media […]

Oxford adds new words to online dictionary

I‘ll spare you some painfully contorted writing that incorporates the words just added to the Oxford Dictionaries. Besides, I’m too lazy. I’ll just list them and you can do whatever […]

‘Soda, pop, or coke’ and more

If you thought the “soda, pop, or coke” map was interesting, you owe it to yourself to check out “Beyond ‘Soda, Pop, or Coke,‘” a project by Joshua Katz at […]

Say it correctly: ‘mas-TEC-tomy’

Search terms in one’s blog stats can be amusing or thought provoking. Often unintentionally so. Take the person who was searching here for “masectomy mis-pronunciation.” Gotta wonder if he or she pronounces […]

The fastest two minutes in sports

America. Where the TV networks turn a two-minute horse race, the Kentucky Derby, into a three-hour show. But then again it’s called “the fastest two minutes in sports,” not in […]