Will issues verbal thrashing of Mike Pence

9 thoughts on “Will issues verbal thrashing of Mike Pence”

  1. This VP has the eyes of a snake, no wonder potus got him as his VP, he thinks that he is safe in the Oval Office with this bloke as the back up.
    It seems that pence is starting to make a run for the nomination on 2020 from what I read in the NYT this morning.
    Is there no honour amongst the GOP anymore?

    1. Is there no honour amongst the GOP anymore?

      The answer is, no. The once-principled party here in the 21st century has abandoned even the pretense of standing for anything except contempt and hatred of opposition to its emotions relative to guns, abortion and regulation. Prior to 2008 there was a good case to be made that their fear of deficit spending might be based on some sound reasoning but their support of Trump’s massive tax cut for the rich reveals that to have been pure hypocrisy. I understand that George Will is no longer a GOP member.

      1. I commend George Will if he left the GOP. Seems to me anyone with a conscience and half a brain would bail on that party, but I admit to an extreme and ever-increasing bias against Trump supporters.

        (I realize your comment was directed to ElBoB, but I thought I would acknowledge it in case he isn’t following.)

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