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Category: Video Content

Rare yellow cardinal living in Alabama

Charlie Stephenson, in Alabaster, Alabama, first noticed this yellow cardinal at her backyard feeder in January. To keep crowds of curious people from gathering around her home, she is not […]

Holy halfpipe, Batman!

Hope everyone was watching last night when Shaun White won Olympic gold in the men’s halfpipe. He was crying, I was crying. Seemed like everyone was crying. I’m not going […]

My new hero

In Ventura County, Calif., with the Thomas Fire raging just feet away, a man pulled over to rescue a frightened wild rabbit. Remarkably, he succeeded. Wish I could give him […]

Why I wouldn’t live in Los Angeles

Today was the first time I’d seen this video of Thanksgiving traffic on “the 405” in Los Angeles. (I’ve never lived anyplace where people preface a highway number with “the.” […]

Walk, don’t run, in this hallway

Tired of people running down their hallway (supposedly), Casa Ceramica, a tile company in Manchester, UK, installed this optical illusion floor. It also happens to be a great attention-getting device. […]

Flag waving in Houston

There was a bit of flag waving in Houston this week. I much preferred this reporter’s patriotic, respectful rescue (and correct folding) to Trump’s gratuitous waving of the Texas flag. […]