Possible new Rapids logo appears

Colorado RapidsI’ve been chatting online today with my favorite Colorado Rapids soccer fan (my son), and he tells me that a new team logo is in the works.

The unofficial official new look is basically maroon. I was reminded immediately of the Colorado Avalanche hockey team colors, and apparently that’s the intent. Same owner, or something like that.

Elsewhere on the Internet, another fan has proposed a green version. I didn’t read why he preferred the green. Maybe he just likes playing with PhotoShop.

In any case, I couldn’t resist getting in my two cents’ worth. I have taste, I have opinions, I have Paint Shop Pro. So here it is, my personal officially unofficial preference — blue. Blue is the logical choice for a team called the Rapids, as in water, blue water, white water, etc. And besides, I just like it better than the other two. So there.

... and that's my two cents