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It’s tough out there for Olympic photographers

Some photographers at the Beijing Olympics get tougher assignments than others. Take, for example, the poor guy(s) who had to shoot the hand signals the beach volleyball players use. Bear in mind the players flash the signals behind their backs, hiding them from their opponents but severely limiting the chances for good pictures. That left the poor photog with few options, but he soldiered bravely on and came up with a gallery of 20 shots for NBC. You have to pity the guy, sitting out in the hot sun all day, focusing on nothing but … uh … hand signals.

NBC editors were appreciative of his efforts, however, and came up with an appropriate title for his gallery.

God bless those photographers and the hardships they endure to bring us the Olympics.

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“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” ― Isaac Asimov

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