The sky is falling … not

5 thoughts on “The sky is falling … not”

  1. We should still prepare in the event that it does spread and spread quickly. Masks and hand sanitizer would be worth acquiring along with homeopathic treatment.
    No argument there. I try to keep that sort of thing on hand all the time for whatever illness comes along. Thermometers, bandages, antiseptics, aspirin, etc. Doesn’t every home stock these things?

  2. Wow, are you kidding me, if we just sit back and act like nothing is going on then it could get way out of control and kill many others. Yes it might just be a flu, but me being in the medical profession I see all the time that strains change, and what might seem harmless might actually be a killer. How can you say not to talk about it, or have the media warn people of what might be…….are you in the medical field????? Do you even know what your talking about…………?
    “We” aren’t just sitting back and doing nothing. Every health agency in the world is hard at work on this. But me, personally, and John Q. Public — there’s nothing we can do but what we’ve always done during a flu outbreak. I’ve already noted that strains are constantly changing and mutating. I’ve noted that weakened, susceptible people can die from this, as they do from other flu strains and other illnesses. I’m a doctor’s kid and worked in medical publishing for many years; I think the MSM are panicking the public by talking so much about a “new killer virus” and “pandemic.” They need to tone it down — a lot. And you might want to chill a bit, too, especially if you deal directly with the public.

  3. Amen! And double amen for your response to the person in the “medical profession.”

    I am so tired of the press causing hysteria. It’s not typhoid. It’s not a plague. It’s a FLU!

    But hey, at least the pigs have taken the heat off the birds for a little while.
    Hehe. You and da boids.

  4. Ok I understand what you are saying, all I am saying is that we should not take this as just another media storm. All I am saying is that we need to know what is going on and that we don’t just act like it’s another flu, because it’s not. I understand that in Mexico the conditions are different and the situation is different, but you never know when something like this can change and start killing off people with healthy immune system. My job is taking the right percaution, just like anyone should…..that’s all….no need to get nasty!
    I agree … there was no need for you to get nasty or insulting.

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