When journalism was serious

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  1. Interesting post. I work for a radio station and I’m a “news anchor” of sorts. Basically we pull our news from the local paper/website. The station has an agreement with the paper that we get to report their news as long as we give them a plug. We have to get the story down to a paragraph or a couple of sentences. We generally want to fit a few news stories, plus weather, tags, plugs, and a station ID into two short minutes.

    That said, I totally understand how you could be frustrated with print media. Most people don’t know it but they could get the basic facts of a story in about 5 to 10 sentences. It seems that reporters tend to want to fill, fill, fill, and then fill some more. That makes my job very difficult!
    If those reporters had set up their stories correctly, you could drop all but the first 5 or 10 sentences — without even reading the material — and have a decent story. But they never do, do they?

    I had deadlines and space constraints, but I never had to cope with two-minute time slots or worry about dead air. Doubt I could have handled the pressure in broadcasting. Cheers.

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