Heads up, WP bloggers

So, didja catch the latest feature from WordPress? They announce these things so quietly, they’re easy to miss, but I suppose pop-ups, pop-unders, or flashing, blinking text would be too intrusive.

Anyway, the latest is the addition of a geolocation and geotagging option, available on your profile page under the Gravatar. The option will tell others where your blog and your comments are coming from, if you enable it. Although some people might consider this a form of “blowing their cover” of anonymity, it needn’t be any more specific than your IP address, which is already giving away your general location to many stat counters and data gatherers.

I think telling you I live in the Denver area is a friendly thing to do and gives you a point of reference for a lot of my posts. But setting the new WP thingy to show my exact location either by street address or GPS location is going too far, and I won’t be doing that. Not that I don’t trust you; it’s all those other weirdos out there that worry me.


One thought on “Heads up, WP bloggers

  1. eeesh! had no idea! I need to check this out! Thanks!
    I set mine to show I’m in the Denver area, but I have no idea where or how that info is displayed to anyone else. 😕

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