The Toyota two-step

One thought on “The Toyota two-step”

  1. I almost bought a Toyota once, but I felt it was too overpriced for the comparable Honda. I’m suffering through a Nissan Frontier purchase right now – which won’t happen again. Yeah, they look cool, but they fricken fall apart. My AC lasted two months after the warranty ran out, and you have to replace the entire unit to fix it. Next time I buy a truck, it will be a Ford, and I’m sticking with Honda for cars. In twenty years, I haven’t had a bad Honda.
    My first Japanese car was a Honda Accord, back in the ’70s. Then came an Acura Integra. Then the ’93 Mazda MX-6 I’m still driving. I’ve loved them all. Hondas, in particular, do seem like the Energizer bunnies or Timex watches of the auto industry, don’t they?

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