TV … or not TV

Decisions. And the pressure of making them. I just can’t deal. Wears me out. Totally. And the bigger the decision, the bigger the pressure.

The last few days I’ve been trying to decide on a new TV to replace the one that’s currently dying — a 32″ CRT-type Sony Wega. It’s been a good TV, but it’s now having a problem that research indicates is a several-hundred-dollar repair. Unless, of course, I’m of a mind to pull the back off and get in there with a new part and a soldering iron. Which I’m definitely not.

So, comes Amazon and the ubiquitous LCD HDTV. Hoo boy! Try to narrow those options when the only thing you know to start with is the approximate size. Many stabs at it, many chats with knowledgeable son, more stabs. Finally, late last night, I thought I had it down to one of two. Just wanted a bit more input from the son before pulling the trigger on one of them.

Finally got an IM from him this afternoon saying that the second one was “utterly awesome” and he’d been flirting with getting one himself (only bigger). Huge stamp of approval in hand, I logged back on to Amazon.

I guess only naive grandmothers like me expect a TV on a shopping list or in a shopping cart to still be the same price 18 hours later. It wasn’t. It was about $350 more expensive and no longer for sale directly from Amazon but from one of many Amazon “sellers.”

Sounds like I happened upon a really good deal but didn’t know enough to act on it. “He who hesitates … ” etc. Dunno if Amazon repeats deals like that or not, but if they do, I’ll be ready next time. If not, I’ll still be crying a week from now.

... and that's my two cents