You, me, and net neutrality

6 thoughts on “You, me, and net neutrality”

  1. Just what we need…
    more corporate welfare
    more bureaucratic gate keepers
    more arbitrary censorship
    government log on ID registration

    The housing bubble didn’t teach us a thing.

    1. This is one case where the bureaucratic FCC is the only gatekeeper we have between us and a takeover by the telcos. It’s the telcos that will jack the prices, control and limit access, require registration, etc., all in the name of profit.

      1. If you think the government can keep the costs of general merchandise down better than WalMart and Target and the price of fast food down better than MacDonald’s, and Burger King then by all means support a government take over. Since the major hosting providers are writing the legislation/regulations, I’m sure they’re going to make it easy for entrepreneurs to enter the market with competing services. Surely this time we won’t wind up with another AmTrak. Surely not.

    1. I don’t think we the people are doomed, but I’m afraid the Internet as we know it may be. It’s been a great ride. I wish more people appreciated what they are about to lose.

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