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Sainz can’t have it both ways

Sainz on the job in NY

I can’t resist commenting on the incident a few days ago involving TV Azteca sports reporter Ines Sainz in the NY Jets locker room.

You can find all the details of the incident and the ensuing debates elsewhere. We could argue endlessly about equal rights for women, professionalism, cultural differences, and sexuality, ad nauseam, but the bottom line for me is simply this: Boys will be boys. And women who dress like sluts will be treated like sluts.

Lady, don’t saunter into a men’s locker room wearing high heels, skin-tight jeans, and a see-through blouse showing too much cleavage, and expect to be treated like a professional journalist.


  1. In the interest of understanding the spectrum of fairness… are male reporters allowed in say… a womans soccer team dressing room? I’m just sayin…


  2. I’m of the opinion that no one but the team and associated people should be in the locker rooms. Why should any reporters be there? That said, if you’re going to allow them, you should allow men and women both.


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