Phelps family foiled at Missouri funeral

7 thoughts on “Phelps family foiled at Missouri funeral”

  1. This is nothing but an expression of pure evil. I wish Fred Phelps’s gay lover would out him once and for all so we could be done with this.

  2. I’m glad folk’s are starting to take notice of this abuse of the 1st amendment and these hateful people, and are starting to be pro-active.

    When people just re-acted and burned down their church, it just made them martyrs in their own eyes. Deny attention by techniques as mentioned above, they have no choice but to just go home.

    The law has been their weapon and now it can be their bane. They can’t hardly break it and try to use it later.
    The Supreme Court will take notice, as the Justices won’t like to be played

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