Enough with the heat already!

4 thoughts on “Enough with the heat already!”

  1. This is really going to sound unsympathetic, but my A/C thermostat is set on 82 degrees. I guess it’s all relative since the afternoon temperature here in Southeast Texas has been three digits for (I think it’s up to) 42 or 43 days. I have an infra-red temperature sensor that I use to calibrate tire pressures on the track and the other day I pointed it at the top of a dark green car and it read 176 degrees. Compared to that, 82 degrees feels pretty cool.

    Maybe a racers cool suit is in order.

    1. I’ve been watching and wondering why all the folks in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas aren’t crispy critters by now. A lot of it is just what you’re used to, and in my “overly insulated” condition, I don’t deal at all well with anything above the mid-70s. The house only cooled to 80 last night, so this could be a very long day.

  2. I spend 95% of my time in my bedroom on the second floor because that’s where my TV and PC are. It’s also the hottest part of my apartment, so my AC has to work. What I worry about is the power outages that heatwaves like this can bring on. If I lose my power, I wouldn’t even be able to call out for assistance because my phone is VOIP!

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