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Grandma fixes Lion’s pinch-zoom function in Firefox

Mac LionMac users who’ve recently installed OS X Lion (Ver. 10.7) may have noticed the touchpad’s “pinch-zoom” function no longer works in Firefox. (It still works in Chrome, but not in Firefox.) Distressing, since this was one of the Mac functions I’d very quickly come to love. I prowled around a few forums and discovered that while a lot of people have noticed the problem, no one had a real fix.

I appealed to my son, who always seems to have or find good geekly answers for my un-geekly issues, and he came up with the following. It seems to have solved the problem.

Type the following into the address bar: about:config
Then use the filter (top left side) and type the word: Gesture
Make the following changes to the following 2 fields: ~ enter the field and type: cmd_fullZoomReduce
browser.gesture.pinch.out ~ enter the field and type: cmd_fullZoomEnlarge

At some point in that sequence, a warning popped up asking if I was sure I wanted to proceed, and I forged ahead. Admittedly, I have an expert on call if I screw anything up, but it all seemed very straight forward. I just triple-checked my typing before entering anything.

In typical Mac fashion, which still unnerves me two months after my switch from a PC, there is no place to click “Okay” or “Enter” or “Done.” I didn’t even see a place to close the window I’d been in. So I just closed Firefox, prayed, and reopened it. Voila!


  1. I’m running Windows 7 64 bit on a Samsung R580 Laptop and even after following the instructions and restarting FF6, it does not work.

    Why is it that as developers update FF, it becomes LESS functional?

    • My geek son gets all the credit for finding this fix. I’m so new to Macs I didn’t even realize I’d lost any functionality. I just assumed I was doing something wrong. Same with Finder. If mine’s not working like it should … I wouldn’t know.

  2. Tried this in Mountain Lion – it works! It’s not as smooth as Safari, but I’ll take it. Thanks for the info.

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