Old ladies and naked men

9 thoughts on “Old ladies and naked men”

  1. Did you add the dotted box to the image after you posted this? I swear I didn’t see it yesterday. Oh well, I STILL can’t tell what’s in the window! 😳

  2. I could see a smiley but maybe some legs…I like the box it helps old ladies like me LOL
    BTW: I came here through IzaakMak…he said you have had lots of snow where you are. We had a local dusting a few weeks ago 🙁
    The ski resorts are worried here in Utah.
    Nice blog

    1. Hi, and welcome to my place. Yes, snow-wise, we really got dumped on last week. Our resorts are all doing well. Don’t know how the snow, coming from the west, managed to not dump on you as it came in. Patience, grasshopper. The white stuff will come …

      1. I know I saw it went right past us twice and they predicted both times we would get some of that lovely white powder!
        I am patient and after all that crazy weather around the world last year, I am enjoying the sunshine here.

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