About that S&P downgrade

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  1. No doubt American politicians these days seem to live to find ways to abuse the people of your country (and the rest of us) just so they can screw with the guys in the Other Party. But S&P will be standing alone on this decision. There was some tiny ratings agency in China that did the same thing, but that’ll be it.

    “Take note, Washington, because the whole world is watching.”

    If this were the mid-90’s, and Tony Blair was leading Europe’s resurgence and the people of Germany and France were using champagne to wash themselves, and unicorns were mating with fairies, and the United States collapsed like it has over the past eight years… the ratings agencies would have dropped the AAA to an A+ — because there would have been a safe investing alternative in Europe.

    But there’s a realistic chance the EuroZone will be breaking up, China, India and Brazil are not ready for prime time, and Japan has just started year 15 of their 125 year recovery plan. There are still no investment opportunities like the American economy.

    Most of the money that was sucked out of the stock market and gold this past week, for example, was used to buy up American debt and Treasury Bills. People still love you guys.

    1. I almost wish the world would turn its back on us, for a little while anyway. I was hoping the downgrade would get Washington’s attention and chasten those idiots a bit, but it was just more of the same on the Sunday morning talk shows. “It’s the Tea Party downgrade!” “It’s the Obama downgrade!” They won’t even shut up long enough to realize that S&P is telling them they all screwed up.

  2. Next time some credit company calls me up to offer me a ton of money for no particular reason, I’ll be sure to tell them that I’m not worthy. Maybe now they’ll quit calling me.

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