Formerly Under the Influence, now back to Vigilance

6 thoughts on “Formerly Under the Influence, now back to Vigilance”

    1. And I haven’t driven you crazy yet?

      BTW, I’ve noticed your name no longer links to your blog. Is that intentional? If you want it to link, you need to include your URL in your log-in.

  1. Vigilance is the best theme, methinks. My blogs are all generic free WordPress blogs, so I can’t alter the coding, yet Vigilance has enough stuff to play with that I find it to be the most versatile. Plus, you know me with color. Must…have…color options.

    1. I agree Vigilance is one of the best-looking most straight-forward themes with the nicest options for those who don’t want to play under the hood. I bought the CSS upgrade which lets me do my thing with the free themes.

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