Being there: Rocky Mountain National Park

12 thoughts on “Being there: Rocky Mountain National Park”

    1. It’s pretty amazing looking east and being able to see that far with both feet still on the ground. But you’re right, when you’re up there, the real show is to the west.

  1. Incredible picture! Thank you! Went to full size and saw what appears to be either an old rusty piton on bolt in the rocks on the left with something newer attached to it. Also, there appears to be a bear in the distance… did you see that?

  2. Yup, I’m almost positive that’s a bear. Okay, about 3/4’s of the way to the right, on the crags in the foreground, there is one narrow rock jutting up. Click on that until you get to the full size, and the bear is just to the left of that jutting rock. Way cool!

    1. Son of a gun, I clicked right on it the first time and it certainly looks like a bear. Brown, with a lighter muzzle, and headed to the right, right? Of course, after my experience with seeing a naked man in that one photo I posted … who knows.

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