If you have a copyright date on your blog, don’t forget to update it to 2012. Those dates are one of the first things to signal a blog is not being properly tended and regularly updated.

7 thoughts on “Reminder

    1. Technically, anything you publish on the Internet is copyrighted as soon as you publish it. A copyright notice of some kind helps make that clear to those who might otherwise assume your material is public domain. (The Cooks Source controversy involved a so-called editor who thought everything on the Internet was hers for the taking.) Another form of copyright you can use is Creative Commons. I refer to it in my copyright notice. It’s free, and widely recognized around the world. Of course, if you want to be a real stickler, you can go through the official U.S. Copyright Office. The decision is entirely yours, but bottom line, you’re already copyrighted.

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