NJ tanning mom declares, ‘That’s not normal’

19 thoughts on “NJ tanning mom declares, ‘That’s not normal’”

  1. I saw the same thing on a different news program. Maybe she did, and maybe she didn’t. But the real question is: How did she get a tan like that and live to tell about it?!?!? 😯

    And here’s another question: Do you think George Hamilton is jealous? 😉

    1. I’m guessing George isn’t jealous. He’s a lot older and his looks like a bottle tan (orangey, like John Boehner’s). This woman is a nut case to be doing this. I can’t say for sure that she’ll die of melanoma, though. One of my parents’ friends looked like this from lying around her pool all day. She lived well into her 70s or beyond, but her face would have made a Shar-Pei jealous.

      1. As one of the palest looking black people you’ll ever see, I really used to envy those with nice tans. But I discovered early on that I’m also one of the easiest to sunburn black men too, so they can take their sunshine (real or fake) and shove it. I actually tried that QT stuffy as a teenager and ended up a horrible bright orange color for an embarrassingly long time! 😯

        I hope you checked out the link I attached to George’s name. I thought the “color scale” thing was cute. Of course I had to check to make sure the old guy was still kicking first, so it wouldn’t be in bad taste. Hopefully, I earned a “well done” instead. And speaking of people broiling themselves for decades and living to tell about it… 😳

        BTW, I took a moment for me to your joke because I’d never actually seen “Shar-Pei” written out before! 🙄

      2. I confess I just glanced at George’s picture to assess the current color and didn’t look at the article. Glad you mentioned the scale so I could go back and enjoy the whole thing. Seems his tanning did cost him; I just hadn’t heard about it.

      3. BTW, QT pre-dates you and goes clear back to my teen years. Orange and streaky. Ugh. These days some of the products out there seem a little better if you take great care to apply lightly and evenly. I like to touch up my legs a bit in the summer to avoid the Moby Dick look, but I’m still afraid to try it on my face. Those early QT experiences made a lasting impression.

      4. Yeah, I’m guessing it was about 1971 when I tried it, after having seen those commercials for many years and waiting until I was old enough not to get my hide “tanned” the old-fashioned way! 🙄

      1. I so wish I had some kind of witty “pigskin” comment Michelle, but the best I can do is wonder if she’s a “soccer mom!” 🙄

  2. This is obviously bizarre, obsessive behavior, similar to smokers reasoning that just because they heard of some old smoker living to a ripe old age, that smoking is okay. Thank goodness for government and laws to protect children, even from nutcase parents!

    1. Yes, in does indeed take a village to properly raise a child — parents to give birth and if necessary, other responsible adults to look after the child’s safety and welfare.

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