Update on WP gremlins

6 thoughts on “Update on WP gremlins”

  1. As if it isn’t enough that WP censors our blogs -by ‘rating’ them from G to X as in films, but they have their own internal asshats.
    Between what I’ve read from you, and Red and Androgoth, am changing my WP settings today.
    Good bye 100+ emails a day. Will follow Red’s suggestions and just check out my blogroll list every day.

    GREAT follow-up Michelle.

    1. The G to X rating is for avatars only, not for the blog. The only “parental control” setting WordPress has is to mark blogs as “mature” if they meet certain criteria. Once a blog has been marked as “mature” (mostly due to graphic photographs, not text) it is taken out of the “global tags”. It doesn’t effect the blogs Google ranking, or the ability for people to find it through search engines.

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