12 dead, 54 injured in Colorado theater shooting

26 thoughts on “12 dead, 54 injured in Colorado theater shooting”

  1. Just saw this headline online. Am supposed to go see this tonight; at the only drive-in left in the entire Reno and Sparks area.
    Sad is right. Glad your son and friends were not there.
    Wonderful graphic you’ve posted.
    Be well.

    1. One of the local TV stations showed the graphic. They found it online. Took me forever to track it down, but I really wanted it.

      Don’t let the crazies in the world keep you from enjoying the movie tonight. A drive-in. What fun! It’s a shame they are disappearing.

  2. I am sick over this. It is bad enough we have to check for terrorists, in public places, but to have one of our own citizens do this despicable thing is just too much.

    Very sad moment when it should have been a fun evening.

  3. I have felt so lost today. None of this makes sense. The shooter was very mainstream – actually slightly above as he was working on his PhD in Neurosciences. Has had only one speeding ticket – that’s all they could find. Quiet and kept to himself – but I’m like that, too. Doesn’t make anyone a killer or mentally unstable. The forethought, the planning, the enacting…. I’m lost.

    But I did “steal” your graphic….

    1. I’m perplexed too, as is everyone. But he surrendered without a fight. Maybe we’ll hear about a motive one of these days, if he had one.

      I wish I could credit the person who did the graphic. but I plucked it from twitpics after seeing it on the local news and there was no credit or attribution anywhere.

  4. The news was surprising, but not entirely unexpected. Things like this are going to happen – period. It’s easy to predict disaster, but not so easy to predict the details. There will be an earthquake somewhere sooner or later. There will be a tsunami, an oil spill, a mine collapse, an attempted presidential assassination, a genocide, a war, and there will be a massacre somewhere. The when and where are nearly impossible to determine, but the event itself is easily predicted. Are these events preventable? Yes, some of them are. I have no doubt that some of them are even prevented. The sick bastard responsible for this one could have been run over by a truck, or blown himself up with one of his own bombs, or changed his mind.

    The question I would ask is, how many? How many other psychotics are out there just waiting for the right trigger to set them off? How many variables will they require to fall into place just perfectly?

    This is a horrible convergence. The act is reprehensible, the motives are undefinable, the suffering is unimaginable, and the result is catastrophic for both the victims and the nation. Shooting at children!? I watched the events unfold without emotion, stunned and surprised, while in the back of my mind I kept hearing, “so it happens again.” How many copy cats will follow? The actions of one psychotic seem to trigger others. Would this repeat itself? Would movie theaters now become an easy target for the cracked eggs among us?

    1. Schools, shopping malls, college campuses, skyscrapers. And now theaters. Everything is an easy target when no one suspects there’s a psycho nearby. We can’t become a fortress nation, full of smaller fortresses everywhere. But as I’ve noted so often, it sure as hell wouldn’t hurt to ban assault weapons, large magazines, the purchase of mass amounts of guns and/or ammunition in a limited period of time, etc. Why make it so damned easy for the psychos among us!?

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