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NASA/Curiosity media coverage schedule

(Updated July 5 @ 11:25 am MDT)

Rather than wait till Sunday evening and scramble to find the right websites and TV channels to watch NASA’s coverage of Curiosity’s Mars landing, I decided to start now.  I found NASA’s schedule of multimedia coverage here. but I’m still confused. Based on what I’ve read different places, I’ve noted on my calendar that Curiosity lands at 8:31, 9:31, or 11:31 pm MDT. Someone (moi?) can’t seem to convert times from one time zone to another. I guess I’ll try to tune in at 6 pm or so, local time, and keep a close watch.

Update: As clarified in the comments below, the place to watch live, real-time coverage of the landing and NASA activities immediately preceding it is NASA’s website here. The landing will occur at 11:31 pm MDT.


  1. All the times listed on the page you linked to are way after the landing PT. According to the landing is at 05:31 UTC on Monday, August 6, 2012. That’s 1:31am EDT on Monday, August 6 for me and 11:31pm MDT on Sunday, August 5 for you.

    Going by the NASA schedule listed here: (which I’ve verified), I plan to go here: around 11pm EDT Sunday night. That’s 9pm Sunday MDT. Of course that start time is about 2 and a half hours ahead of the scheduled landing, so I suspect they’re going to begin with a boatload of background info.

    Of course I will be watching the after-the-fact Science Channel programming also 😀

    • Oh thank you! Would you believe 11:30 pm is the first time I wrote down. All the others came later. Further confusion because NASA calls their webcast NASA TV (I kept looking for a TV channel by that name.) I suffered the same confusion trying to follow SpaceX Dragon’s landing.

      My fingers are already cramping from being crossed so hard!

      (Sorry your comment got caught by the spam filter. I have it set to snag anything with more than two links.)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the link Izaakmak. Now I have those tabs up and waiting for tomorrow night. I will be watching, too. I so hope it works, I really do. The detail and precision they put into the landing – phenomenal. I hope it pulls off without a hitch.

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