Reliving the moment: Curiosity’s landing on Mars

9 thoughts on “Reliving the moment: Curiosity’s landing on Mars”

    1. Still hard to believe they pulled off that landing. And now that not-so-little rover is busily doing its thing on Mars like it’s just business as usual. Amazing.

  1. And this is why we need to keep funding space research! We have to stay curious. Not only will it help us see what else was out there, it will also improve our technology here

    1. Absolutely. If it were my decision, I’d be pumping billions more into space exploration. We’ve no way of knowing if it’s the final frontier, but is sure as hell is the next one.

  2. Just corrected this post to say “glued to my computer,” not “glued to my TV.” I was watching both, but all the action was on the computer via NASA-TV.

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