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WordPress adds ‘mosaic’ option to image galleries

Hey, folks, there’s a new WordPress feature in your settings. Under Dashboard > Settings > Media > Image Gallery Carousel. You can have your photo/image galleries display in a mosaic format. Check it out in my post Peak-to-Peak leaf peeping, for example, to see what it looks like. I rarely have a pile of photos to make up a nice gallery, but I love the mosaic format. (The feature hasn’t been officially launched, so it may not yet be up full-time.) Way to go, WordPress!

Hmm, in case the WP gods decide to tinker with the feature and turn it off, I’ve decided to include a partial screenshot to give you the general idea:

But wait, there’s more. See justjennifer’s post, “Circles, Squares and Mosaics! The Gallery Feature Gets Another Makeover.

Update: For a more recent example of a WordPress mosaic, one set to rearrange itself every time the page is loaded or refreshed, see “‘Hand Painted’ animals by Guido Daniele.


    • Love it! I just changed my last post about the tree top activists. If you have a caption, it pops up when you hover over it, too. I remember the thumbnails in the gallery used to show the captions and it ruined the whole line up and look. That’s rarely why I used it.

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