WordPress adds ‘mosaic’ option to image galleries

Hey, folks, there’s a new WordPress feature in your settings. Under Dashboard > Settings > Media > Image Gallery Carousel. You can have your photo/image galleries display in a mosaic format. Check it out in my post Peak-to-Peak leaf peeping, for example, to see what it looks like. I rarely have a pile of photos to make up a nice gallery, but I love the mosaic format. (The feature hasn’t been officially launched, so it may not yet be up full-time.) Way to go, WordPress!

Hmm, in case the WP gods decide to tinker with the feature and turn it off, I’ve decided to include a partial screenshot to give you the general idea:

But wait, there’s more. See justjennifer’s post, “Circles, Squares and Mosaics! The Gallery Feature Gets Another Makeover.

Update: For a more recent example of a WordPress mosaic, one set to rearrange itself every time the page is loaded or refreshed, see “‘Hand Painted’ animals by Guido Daniele.

13 thoughts on “WordPress adds ‘mosaic’ option to image galleries

    1. Imagine my surprise when I looked at that page this morning for some reason, and saw that mosaic instead of all the little pictures that were there a week ago. I fired off a question in the forums and that’s when I found out it was a new feature.

      1. So typical! Every now and again I have trouble opening a WP page, and when the problem goes away I discover that something has been changed. I’m sensing a pattern here… 🙄

        1. This particular feature has been on and off today. WP was still tinkering with it this morning, according to a rep’s post in the forums. You might have tried opening your page at precisely the wrong moment …

    1. Love it! I just changed my last post about the tree top activists. If you have a caption, it pops up when you hover over it, too. I remember the thumbnails in the gallery used to show the captions and it ruined the whole line up and look. That’s rarely why I used it.

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