sea otters

Hey, dinner’s on me

sea otters
Sea otters off Santa Cruz dine on crab. (Photo: Shmuel Thaler/Santa Cruz Sentinel)

4 thoughts on “Hey, dinner’s on me

  1. Mmmm… crab! Few things I noticed, let’s see if you see the same thing. First of all, this is nothing major, but looks like the one eating just had his/her whiskers trimmed before going out on his/her dinner date. (They’re all straight at the bottom).

    Secondly… is the crab skewered with a stick or something? LOL, it actually looks like a pencil.

    1. Both have very neat ‘staches, I agree. Good barbering. I took the “stick” to be the remainder of a leg that had been pulled off, with a bit of it lying under the otter’s chin.

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