NYT: We are the 96 percent

9 thoughts on “NYT: We are the 96 percent”

  1. I’m glad someone wrote about it. I figured that the percentage of people that have at some point used Gov’t funds would be pretty high and 96% sounds like a reasonable figure. Just about everyone, both friends and co-workers including my boss, have used gov’t assistance at some point in time. Just because many are not reliant upon it presently doesn’t mean that they haven’t used it, and they will use it for sure unless they plan on denying Social Security that they paid into all these years. That’s why I have felt Romney didn’t insult only half the nation – he insulted just about everyone. LOL.. and no one I know has considered themselves as “exempt” from the 49% even though they’re “technically” not now.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Romney and his friends would like to remove themselves from the conversation about accepting benefits from the government, but as the NYT story points out, most of them are in just as deep as the rest of us.

  2. We are alike in using government programs and unalike in talents, which I submit is a primary reason for bonding together in one great free nation for our collective benefit by specialization. How do we differ in talents? An attempt off the top of my head:

    mathematical intelligence
    systems intelligence
    programming intelligence
    mechanical intelligence
    organizational intelligence (political)
    organizational intelligence (military)
    organizational intelligence (educational)
    linguistic intelligence (writing)
    artistic ability (images)
    artistic ability (dance)
    artistic ability (poetry, linguistic)
    artistic ability (poetry, musical)
    empathy (spiritual)
    empathy (nurturing)
    physical agility
    mental endurance
    physical endurance

... and that's my two cents