Laptop is home

5 thoughts on “Laptop is home”

  1. I get it, PT. Blogging, for all its anonymity, is communication with fellow human beings. It is an addiction you and I share, but it’s not only us, it is humankind. We are a social species and without a connection, we are incomplete. I am happy for the restoration of your link. 🙂

    1. It’s so much more than that. I keep it by the couch and use it all the time to look up answers to odd questions that occur to me, check out something I saw on the news, check the weather and my favorite webcams, etc., etc. I was constantly reaching for it to do something … and then realizing it wasn’t there. It may be more like an an old lady’s knitting — something she does to keep her hands busy while she’s watching TV.

  2. LOL.. I know how you feel. My laptop used to be my main computer (the other one was Ubuntu). Then I built my desktop system so it’s my primary computer now. But when I travel I (obviously) go back to the laptop and I feel so disconnected even though I have access to everything, all accounts, etc. Weird….

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