Laptop is home

Yay! Got my left arm (laptop) back today. Been working on catching up on email. Not feeling up to much else today, but I’m back in the game. Man, you have no idea how much you’ll miss something like this until it’s gone. Sure, I had the desktop in the back room, but it’s just not the same.

Categories: Computers, Mac

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  1. I get it, PT. Blogging, for all its anonymity, is communication with fellow human beings. It is an addiction you and I share, but it’s not only us, it is humankind. We are a social species and without a connection, we are incomplete. I am happy for the restoration of your link. 🙂

    • It’s so much more than that. I keep it by the couch and use it all the time to look up answers to odd questions that occur to me, check out something I saw on the news, check the weather and my favorite webcams, etc., etc. I was constantly reaching for it to do something … and then realizing it wasn’t there. It may be more like an an old lady’s knitting — something she does to keep her hands busy while she’s watching TV.

  2. LOL.. I know how you feel. My laptop used to be my main computer (the other one was Ubuntu). Then I built my desktop system so it’s my primary computer now. But when I travel I (obviously) go back to the laptop and I feel so disconnected even though I have access to everything, all accounts, etc. Weird….

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