Fun with Far Cry, wifi, and House of Cards

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. That is unfortunate. Yes, when you can get things working, don’t mess with them. At all. I have a wireless printer. It’s a few years old, and I hate it. I hate paying for the cartridges. Refilling them doesn’t work – they have a memory. It’s dead slow over wifi, and the drivers have to be installed manually on all the computers that will use it. Then they fail. Frankly, if I need to print something (which is rare anymore) I do it at work.

    I’ve been playing Dishonored the last few days. It’s alright, but I don’t recommend it. I think I might rent Far Cry 3, just to give it a try. The name Far Cry reminds me of my printer. It’s far away, and if you use it, you’ll end up crying.

    1. My printer came with a CD, and trying to install its contents on my laptop is where I messed up, I think. My son later explained that I should just skip the CD, that most printers have native capabilities for operating and that the guys who write the stuff for the CDs generally don’t know what they’re doing. Sounds like a developer, doesn’t he? Anyway, he never touched the CD, and the printer still prints from my laptop, which is basically all I need. It’s one of those all-in-one printers, though, and I had some plans to scan some stuff. We’ll see. It has an intimidating control panel for all those functions and I may just settle for simple printing tasks. Amazing, the advance of printer technology. I still have my old HP4 Laserjet Postscript printer out in the garage. That sucker cost more than $2,000, as I recall!

      Dishonored was to be my next game, unless something more interesting comes along. But I’ll probably be with Far Cry for a long time. It has all my favorite features … huge sandbox world to explore, lots of opportunity to use bow and arrow (my favorite weapon), lots of different things to do besides main story line. Much like Skyrim in those respects, but without the fantasy world. Not as good as Skyrim, IMO, but still very good.

    1. Technology keeps advancing as my knowledge and skills keep fading. Keeping up with how to set up and interconnect all the electronic devices I use is just beyond me.

    1. I love it!! It’s got everything I look for in a game, as I mentioned before: big, detailed, interactive sandbox world to explore; a variety of weapons and different types of situations in which to use them (guns, knives, grenades, mines, molotov cocktails, and a bow, which is usually my favorite in any game and is important in Far Cry as a stealth weapon); lots of different kinds of things to do — hunt wild animals, or bad guys, gather stuff to make assorted types of buffs and heals, assorted missions and quests with different types of goals; swimming, hang-gliding, driving assorted vehicles including boats, ski-doos; an occasional poker game. There’s a lot of activity in the world around you — insects, birds, all kinds of animals both wild and domestic (you may see a tiger stalk and take out a deer, for example). Some of the animation is pretty klutzy, like when you are climbing something, or want to jump. And I’ve read reviews that complain about the dialogue sometimes being inappropriate to the mood, etc. But I’m not nearly that critical. Overall, I get a real kick out of it.

      1. I was really intrigued with Assassin’s Creed at first. All that climbing and jumping around on buildings — I’d never seen that in a game before and it was fun. But some of the puzzles totally stumped me, and timed things required numerous frustrating attempts before I finally managed to do them — IF I managed to do them. I never played Doom, so can’t make any comparisons there.

        Hey, if the game companies want to pay for a review from a grandmother (and of course, give me the games), I’d be more than happy to give them my opinion. I’d probably do it if they’d just give me the games. 🙂

      2. That would be one for the record books, a game company seeking out Grandma’s opinion of a big video game (although in the past I’ve gotten in as a beta tester for several major games).

  2. Yup. Skip the CD. Bloat ware typically.

    You forgot one more topic in the news here lately… the post office dropping Saturdays. Hit hit the nail on the head with your closing statement…. All day long. ALL day long that’s all they talk about. Gun control, drones, immigration, and the post office. Personally, I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about losing Saturday? Honestly, it really is just not needed anymore. Plus think of all the fuel and carbon footprint that will be alleviated by no longer having delivery on Saturdays. I dunno… maybe you have a better grasp and understanding why so many people are upset for political reasons, that is.

    1. No kidding. When the ink costs more than the printers, you gotta wonder …

      Thank goodness for a private cavalry. I can’t imagine how I’d manage otherwise.

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