Canine conehead

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    1. She’s made a fine art of “pitiful,” like most dogs who’ve owned me.

      (She’s feeling much better this evening. Had a full meal and has figured out how to jump up on my bed, despite the cone.)

  1. You are such a good mommy! I wish all dog owners were like you. I’m sure she will be just fine.

    One of my dogs had mats forming behind his ears, so I took some scissors to them one day. My grooming friend (now roommate) was supposed to groom him but didn’t. They were driving me crazy so decided to just get rid of the beasts. As I was cutting, he winced a little bit. I thought, “what a wimp. All I’m doing is pulling the hair out a bit.” Then something just didn’t seem right with the way and feel of the cutting so I took a closer look. I had pulled too hard on the mats thus pulling his skin out and was cutting his skin! The cut was about 3 inches long and gaped wide open. Then I realized he trusts me so much that all he did was wince rather than jump and howl when I started cutting away his skin. I felt horrible! And I mean absolutely bottom-of-the-sewer awful. It wasn’t a scratch. It looked like I had taken a scalpel to him so I could do some sort of surgery. …and all he did was wince….. It bled a lot. I took him to Lyn’s and she shaved the fur away from the wound. I kept antibiotics on it, but his mother kept licking it off when cleaning his would. I tried to keep her from doing that, but it’s impossible. Eventually it healed, thankfully.

    1. OMG, I’d have been hysterical if I did that. I caught the quick on one of her nails one time and she yelped and it bled and I felt so horrible I’m afraid to even try that again. (Nor does she want to let me try!) I just have the vet do it now.

      She’s perfectly happy now, except for that stupid cone. But the vets talked so much about how badly ears bleed, I’m scared to take it off for fear she’ll scratch at it and pull a stitch. Seems the only thing she can’t manage with the cone on is her rawhide chews. She holds them with her paws while she gnaws on them, and with the cone in the way, she can’t bring her paws to bear. I took it off last night so she could enjoy her midnight chew, but it’s a 5-minute struggle to get it back in place. I wimped out tonight and just gave her a Milkbone.

      1. Yes, ears bleed horribly! You’d think that their ears were completely cut off! Glad she’s well. Try to enjoy the humor of the situation. If you laugh at her silliness, it will help pick up her mood. I’ve seen some moves that made me nearly bust a gut.

      2. She’s managing everything with the cone. Eating, drinking, the back stairs, getting on and off my bed and in and out of her crate. The rawhide has been the only no-go so far. She sure makes a lot of noise turning in her crate at night (it’s in my bedroom). Wakes me up. But it’s not her fault. Oh, and she does seem to keep getting stuck behind the recliner. She gets back there so she can look out the front window, but then she can’t seem to get out without my help. Or maybe its just another attention-getting device …

      3. Yes, cones in crates are very noisy. It’s all worth it. She’ll have that off before you know it and will be running laps as soon as she can.

      4. She’s already chasing balls down the hall. I’m afraid she’ll catch the cone on something and wrench her neck, but glad she feels well enough to instigate it.

      5. LOL.. I like that. She definitely is. At first I thought a Golden, Then when I looked at her longer, her head is more Lab as is her coat. But she has that golden color of a golden (now that was redundant)

      6. A soft, feminine, almost puppyish head and face and a definite lab otter tail. But the golden makes the coat longer than on a lab. Sort of a scruffy, shaggy lab, with all the shading of a golden. Heart of gold, smart, but very shy.

    1. I’m carrying on like I have a sick child in the house. She’s been mostly sleeping and I realized tonight that’s probably because of the pain med, which she probably doesn’t need anymore now. Meanwhile, the cat has started sneezing a lot more than usual … 🙁

  2. Hey Girl!
    I hope Annie is feeling better. It’s not surprising that she had little appetite – the amnesia can make them feel nauseous and sluggish for a couple of days. Try putting some ice cubes in her water dish – dogs often like to chew on ice and the coolness might soothe her sore throat.

    LOL – the collar is an abomination to be sure but also quite effective. I’m sure she’ll forgive you soon since dogs aren’t like elephants and humans in their grudge keeping.

    Take care.


    1. Oh, she’s taking full advantage of the situation. Last night I even let her sleep on the bed because she was making so much noise with the cone in and around her crate, the walls, etc. Perfectly quiet on the bed. Yeah, I know, now I’ve gone and done it …

      1. Yes, but she is your best bud and companion – so what’s a little fur on the comforter? My dog Maggie went through the same thing when I had her spayed and all her vaccinations at the same time (probably a bit much for her 20 lb body). I thought she’d never forgive me. But a week later, all was forgiven. 🙂

      2. Oh, it’s no biggie. I always buy washable comforters that will fit in my machine. Pet fur is the norm at my house. Always has been. Small price to pay for their companionship.

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