Equality symbol popular as SCOTUS debates

8 thoughts on “Equality symbol popular as SCOTUS debates”

  1. Your last paragraph sums it up so well PT. After all, shouldn’t you have to identify a “threat” before passing any kind of “defense” (as implied by the very first word in the D.O.M.A. acronym) legislation? Neat symbol! 😀

    1. I read somewhere that the red on the symbol is for love and the pink is for the LGBT community.

      It occurs to me that what we need is a new DOMA, one that includes and defends ALL marriage, whether hetero- or homosexual, against any infringement from anyone. I think the “threat” will continue to be various state legislatures, churches, and individuals who oppose same-sex marriage.

      1. The problem, as I see it, is that, just like the concept of the “average man,” “groups” are nothing more than social constructs – which we protect at the expense of the actual individuals populating the “real” world. If any new legislation is needed at all, after ridding ourselves of dangerously destructive things like Proposition 8 and D.O.M.A., it’s a “Defense Of Individuality Act” to flesh out, once and for all, the true intent of The Declaration of Independence.

      2. I see your point. The immediate objective, of course, is striking down Prop 8 and DOMA. But after that, I’d like to see some sort of ruling or law that ensures same-sex marriage is immediately legal in all states. I don’t think equal rights are a state’s rights issue and don’t think the right to marry should have to be fought for state by state for the next umpteen years.

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