Boulder flooding: Can you tell what this is?

Foggy, unreal scene from Boulder, Colo., flood

This photo appeared in a Yahoo News gallery of Colorado flood photos. Judging from the context, it was taken in or near Boulder on September 12, at the height of the storms and flooding. I can’t figure out what it is but at first, second, and even third glance, it looks for all the world like a ghost ship breaking up on a fog-shrouded reef.

9 thoughts on “Boulder flooding: Can you tell what this is?

      1. Yes it is. Hmm. Could be UFO’s I suppose. Time magazine said this week that Art Bell is returning soon to Pahrump Nevada to be on Sirius satellite radio. Maybe you should send it to him. 😀

      2. Nah, it’s looking more and more like a red emergency vehicle on the other side of a washed out road or bridge, with trees looming on either side. Not that I haven’t, at least once, imagined that aliens orchestrated all this just so they could observe how humans react — like a kid releasing a flood into a nest of ants so he could watch them scramble. And that screenshot of the clouds moving across Denver again (in my last post) reminded me of the “independence Day” mothership gliding silently across the sky. I think I’ve got an overactive imagination. Or maybe I’m losing touch with reality …

        Denver yesterday:


        NYC in “Independence Day”:


  1. I think your impression of that image is spot on PT. Incidentally, I think I heard something like “this is the greatest number of people having to be rescued by helicopter since Hurricane Katrina” on the news this morning. Talk about “biblical proportions!” 😯

    1. Yes, I heard that yesterday from a National Guard spokesman. Amazing numbers of helicopter rescues have been reported. The same man said one chopper yesterday had rescued 500 people in one day. But they’re all grounded again today. Clouds and rain are back. It was so dark half an hour ago (noon) that had I not been working on the computer, I’d have turned the lights on.

    1. Funny that during all that rain, it only occurred to me once that it was odd to have a steady rain for most of an afternoon instead of the usual hit-and-run thunderstorm. But that was the only indication at my house that anything unusual was happening.

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