RMNP ‘Dressed in Gold’ and ready for visitors

10 thoughts on “RMNP ‘Dressed in Gold’ and ready for visitors”

  1. What a refreshing memory after all the flood dangers and worries– sure wish i was out there. Walking the 1/2 mile from the shuttle stop to Fern Lake Trailhead during full color is special for me in a similar way– adding in the whispers of those golden quaking leaves and that earthy, dusty, pine-laced aspen air! (i am in sight of lake michigan right now… wrong direction, darn it!)

    1. I’d have mentioned the sweet mountain breeze, too, but feared I’d already gone on too long about the experience. I’d be there now if the drive up weren’t an hour longer than usual.

    1. To date the only open roads I’ve heard about are Trail Ridge Road (already getting problematic with snow falling above 11,000 ft) and the Peak-to-Peak Highway up from Central City. See http://www.cotrip.org/roadConditions.htm

      Yes, I have my calendar marked to show Sept. 27th is the average annual peak foliage day, according to some local meteorologists. Crazy weather since the floods. Bluebird skies, temps in the 60s and 70s. But yesterday there was snow in the high country at the same time that I-70 out east was closed by a dust storm.

    1. You lucky woman! It should be gorgeous. I just heard professional photographer John Fielder on TV saying the colors are running about a week late this year, so your timing is perfect.

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