Border collie games

Saw this on Huffington Post today. It was uploaded to YouTube three years ago, but it’s new to me. I’ve never seen behavior like this with more than two dogs, and then only for a few seconds. But with the world’s smartest breed, I suppose anything is possible.

Categories: dogs, pets, video content

5 replies

  1. How funny…Molly could be one of those dogs – she has similar behavior at dog parks with her friends – I didn’t realize it might be genetic or instinct
    Border collies are so smart – you definitely have to keep ahead of them – and give them a job or create one for themselves.
    Thanks for the fun

  2. That is absolutely fantastic, PT. MAde my Sunday morning. Thanks!

  3. Way cool. I liked it. The first two dogs doing “the collie walk” reminded me of coyote behavior.

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