What your dialect says about you

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    1. Maybe someone in England will do a similar study. These authors had their hands full with just the US. There are some poor questions on the test, with some assumptions about terminology that are probably a result of the authors’ own regionalism or ignorance about other parts of the country.

  1. Interesting. My first time through, the 2 of the 3 places (I don’t remember the 3rd) were Santa Rosa CA and Overland Park, KS. Then I did the test a 2nd time and was a bit more careful on some of the answers as the first time, I was quick to select and didn’t read through all the selections a few times. The 2nd time I got Indianapolis (where I’m from), Albuquerque (where I live now) and I think the 3rd was around the Chicago area. It was near Indy, I remember that. Then I went though and just selected oddball answers because I wanted to see where some of those were used as I had never heard of several. Many of them showed the country all blue, so I’d like to know how those words were selected as an option. Were they made up? Or are they actual terms used in a very small area?

    It was interesting nonetheless. Thanks!

    1. I noticed that too. It looked like some words weren’t used anywhere, or maybe only in one tiny town or something. As I mentioned to Kate, I think the author’s own dialect influenced some of the test answers or lack of answers. Or possibly some non-existent words were included as some sort of statistician’s test for validity or something.

    1. Oh, I forgot about that. Yes, it took my results map so long to come up that I thought something was wrong, was looking for something else to click on, etc., and almost left the page. But it did finally show up, so you might want to try again.

      I’d better add a note about that.

  2. Hi PT- I had not taken this test before… i scored Omaha, KC, and Wichita… and i live in St Joseph. Thanks for fun on a snowy, cold evening!

  3. I didn’t do this test as I didn’t want to fill out the questionnaire, but I did an earlier one and no questionnaire was involved. It got 2 of the 3 locales pretty accurate, one in particular. The 3rd one was totally off base. I lived some years in the south but no indication of any dialect I picked up there which I think is probably true, now, as that was years and years ago..

    1. I did that one also. Twice. The first time 2 of the 3 locales were pretty close. I did it a second time and it was 3 out of 3. I must say I was surprised it located me so accurately.

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