Holy cow … er, crow (video)

11 thoughts on “Holy cow … er, crow (video)”

  1. Very impressive crow. It’s significant that part of the action was the use of a tool, i.e., the stick. Very few animals have been known to use tools. I know that apes (chimps) routinely use sticks to retrieve food, as in poking them into ant hills. Maybe we should reconsider the use of the idiom, “bird brain”. 😆

    1. LOL! Yes, I’ll think twice about “bird brain” from now on. I wish I could dismiss the nagging thought that I wouldn’t have figured this out as fast as the crow did …

  2. Unbelievable. My dad grew up in Valley Forge, and he raised several crows, owls and Peregrine falcons. He always said that crows were very sophisticated thinkers, and they communicate very well with other crows (thanks, largely, to hunters). With the realization that animals have awareness, it’s very difficult to look at them as food!

    1. When they’re this smart, they’re very likely sizing us up as food! If I’d known at the time how smart crows are, I’d have been a lot more scared by Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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