Grandma still gaming, waiting for Titanfall

3 thoughts on “Grandma still gaming, waiting for Titanfall”

  1. :D… Yes, I am opening with one of those LOL smileys.

    Granted I have not been frequenting your blog very long but nevertheless first impressions do often prevail, at least in the short term. When I encountered this post I found myself confused and disorientated. Does she let others post on her blog? Titanfall? Really!? Did she actually post this? Is this how she thinks the Russians can be driven out of Crimea and back into Russia?

    After gathering myself and actually reading the post it all slowly began to come into focus. Then I got it…. “Oh, PiedType is the Gaming Grandma! Well how cool is that!”

    I’m a PS-3 man myself but even so, most of my gaming is done on the computer. I’m a “Call of Duty” fan but seem to fair much better playing those type games on the computer as compared to the Play Station. I seem to have been born with a gene that makes my hand/eye coordination incompatible with that silly-ass controller. I will confess however that I do own the PS-3 versions of Ice Age and Toy Story 3 and have completed both games at least twice. 🙂

    1. LOL. No, everything on this blog is my doing — good, bad, weird, or otherwise. Wouldn’t it be cool if we gamers could band together to drive the Russians out of Crimea!

      So … you’re in a position to appreciate my concern about tackling a multiplayer FPS on a console. I’ve only played them on a PC, with a big keyboard and all kinds of macros and functions displayed on the screen. (But I can’t sit for hours in an office chair anymore.) A controller is not my friend with all those different options and combinations that must be remembered. I’m a real klutz with a controller. Still, I manage well enough that my son apparently likes to brag on me at work. I got farther than he did in the Titanfall beta (but I had more time to play). And he loves telling people I beat Borderlands 2 (single player mode).

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