‘Hero cat’: You knew I’d post it (video)

22 thoughts on “‘Hero cat’: You knew I’d post it (video)”

  1. Well I didn’t know for sure who would post it but I knew someone would! 🙂

    It is quite amazing to see a cat go after a dog like that other than in the act of playing with a dog with which it is familiar. I personally feel it is quite legitimate footage, especially given the camera sources. I’ll say this, it certainly causes me pause to rethink my opinions about the loyalty traits of cats.

    1. I once watched a dog chase a cat up a tree (typical). Then the cat got pissed, jumped down onto the dog’s back, and literally rode it all the way down the block (not typical). I’ll bet that dog never messed with cats again.

  2. Tara is a Warrior! (tip of the hat to Erin Hunter’s books) Feel sure the camera views were spliced to show the sequence of events in order as much as possible; home surveillance systems record multiple camera feeds just as commercial systems now. I hope Jeremy heals quickly and isn’t afraid of all dogs after his experience.

  3. I think Alan and Karen are probably right about the footage, which I’m fairly surely is legitimate. It could be the homeowners’ cameras or, if it’s a gated community, the POA’s, but it’s pretty obviously security cam footage.

    Tara just proves that cats are often misunderstood and do have a very strong instinct to protect their people. I think it goes along with that sense many of them have to comfort/guard us when we’re ill (my boy definitely does that). They’re amazing creatures, and Jeremy and his family are lucky to have such a fierce protector.

    1. Yes, again, it’s security cam footage that the mom assembled later. I’ve no idea what my cat would do. Probably go hide. But scare or corner any cat and it will likely become a formidable ball of claws. Ask the vet how much he likes dealing with my cat!

  4. Great story PT! I didn’t hear about it until this morning’s news, and was in such a hurry to post the video that I hadn’t even noticed you’d done this post. A tip of the hat to Tara indeed! 🙂

  5. Apologies everyone. I just reread what I posted and I really botched it, didn’t I? That’s what I get for posting late in the evening. But it’s fixed now. Sorry about the duplicated paragraph. Good thing I’m not still getting paid to edit ….

  6. I knew it would be here – it was all over the news. RC Cat is mulling over a Medal of Extreme Honor to be bestowed.
    (That cat looks a bit like granny in younger days. Chows don’t like kids generally…but this attack was carefully planned. glad the owners made the right decision not to fight. Never could trust that dog again.)

    1. I’m sure Tara would be deeply honored to receive such recognition from RC Cat. Peer recognition means so much more than mere human adoration.

      Yep, I passed on the part chow because I knew the grandkids would be around. Just couldn’t take the chance.

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