Robin Williams dead at 63

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  1. I’m really sad about this, and wish I could say I was surprised. Those who have a special kind of genius are only on short-term loan to us. His humor and pathos will be sorely missed.

  2. So very, very sad. I must say I am surprised by this. I hadn’t known that he suffered from depression. It’s hard to appreciate why he felt like this, when from the outside he looked like he had it all. What a terrible disease. He cracked us all up when we were kids. We loved Good morning Vietnam! Poor guy.

      1. I should have phrased that differently. I saw him live on TV, in guest appearances, etc., not in live stage performances. Yes, he seemed to be such a warm, gentle man.

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  3. Your movie clip was a fine and most appropriate tribute to Robin Williams.

    Regarding the disease of depression I found this article by a mental-health doctor to be enlightening, and especially his final paragraph below. It’s not just veterans who are affected by this.

    Patients often describe depression as truly painful and disabling, and I have seen it. Even with all the fancy brain scanners and monitoring devices we have today, we are still left without a tool to help understand or measure the pain felt by a person. One of the most complicated disease processes to date, mental health remains a black box that science and society is only now beginning to expose. As we move toward unraveling the mystery that is a brain and emotional health, we must remain vigilant in our compassion and never presume to know the depth of internal battles being waged in the minds of others.

    1. Depression is so terribly debilitating. It eats at your very soul. It’s in your head where you can’t escape it. It’s with you every waking moment. And doctors don’t know how to get in there and treat it definitively. That’s assuming you can get an appointment with a real psychiatrist; that alone can take several months, which is forever when you’re drowning …

  4. Crushed. Just crushed. (Always felt a little kinship with him – also dyslexic, and thought processes a little different than average…long ago, my teaching style was like his comedy act…rapid fire chaos. Worked until I managed to escape that world.)
    He was so electric you couldn’t help fear for him. Constant battle with depression wears you down and that deep exhaustion – weary to the bones. Always hoped his kids could give him an anchor.
    Just crushed.

    1. I saw one doctor today speculating that he was just tired — tired of fighting against drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, heart disease, his TV show cancellation, and according to some sources, financial problems. I think there’s a lot of merit to that.

      1. Many know that exhaustion – his TV show being canceled probably was the last straw. He deserved a better show – and I’d hoped to see him in one. Just tragic and feels like a stab to the heart to so many for so many reasons

  5. A wonderful entertainer leaves us. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, Rush Limbaugh had some of the meanest, most disgusting comments about his passing imaginable. I won’t repeat any of them, or provide a link, because to do so would give them recognition they don’t deserve. RIP Robin.

  6. This saddened me a great deal. I actually met Robin Williams before he became famous and was doing stand up at the Comedy Store. He was hilarious then too. Having had a personal experience with suicide quite recently, I find it hard to comment beyond, RIP Robin.

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