Believe it or not, the US Senate has rules

4 thoughts on “Believe it or not, the US Senate has rules”

  1. If things go according to what they do with other stuff/written documents/those bill-type thingies, their staff reads the rules and summarizes or relays what they think is important…and if there’s problems, the senator can claim they had “no idea that’s what it meant”
    Snort worthy post! – just delightful! A must read!
    (Knew it was seniority for posh office locations..another reason term limits will never happen? Will have to look for the part that says they can’t sleep in their offices instead of buying of leasing a place to save money…probably payoff by realtors and leasing agents?)
    Thanks for grabbing this!

    1. They didn’t know what it meant or they were just too busy doing the country’s business to familiarize themselves with such menial reading. Maybe the freshmen senators read it because they’re all serious and idealistic about changing things. But give them a couple of years and they’ll forget every word of it.

  2. Be interesting to know how many Senators past and present knew/know of and abided by them, not too many nowadays I’d suspect but in the beginning probably all of them did.

    Then I could have it completely arse about to use an English /Australian expression.

    1. I suspect most of them have a passing knowledge of what’s in the rules — but only about those parts that directly benefit them. The rest they just ignore.

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