Elevating Lego to an art form

11 thoughts on “Elevating Lego to an art form”

  1. Never imagined Lego blocks could become an artist’s medium. How did you find this? And, a better question, are you going to give it a try?? Thanks for a cool wake-up post!

    1. The Guardian is one of the places I regularly visit for news and the top picture was hard to miss. Me, give it a try? Heh, not likely. For starters, I can’t afford that many Legos!

  2. I used to go around to garage sales and buy all the Legos I could find. We have tubs of them. Best toy/entertainment ever created.
    These are outstanding sculptures!!!!! Thanks for finding this stuff (I love the Guardian, too…actual news as well as cool stuff)

    1. Tons of Legos at my son’s house, of course. I’ll bet Lego gives Sawaya all the Legos he needs.

      I’ve been wondering what, if anything, he does to make sure his sculptures don’t accidentally come apart. If I’d created something like “Yellow,” I’d be coating it with super glue or something.

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